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Data integrity

Rigorous Selection Standards

We take our mission of only completing data based discovery seriously. The first two years of R&D involved a highly selective process. Our average selections were less than 2% of what we grew. Breeding for multiple traits means you must make short term sacrifices in order to create stable, high value varieties. This selection process continues as we develop a wider and more varied portfolio to suit market specifics.


Our traits stand the test of time. We do not release a product until it has been shown to perform consistently for multiple generations. We utilize multiple independent analytics companies to verify our results.


Our farmers are held to a high standard and have tremendous experience producing large-scale crops of other species prior to working with New West. They have expert knowledge on local weather patterns, agronomy practices, and environmental peculiarities. We continue to build on each other’s knowledge base in order to bring the best products to market.
NWG growers adhere to our strict quality standards, using only natural amendments and no pesticides. Once pests adapt to US production, New West will employ a multi tiered approach to pest management: natural pest deterrents, as well as a genetically varied and robust germplasm to rotate amongst.

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