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NWG creates AOSCA certified varieties bred for high yield and optimized for mechanical harvestability, as well as for various market traits. We regularly enter trials across the US and other countries, to investigate where certain genetics perform best, and as third party validation on the performance of our seed. See our most recent press release on the performance of our variety RELY in University of Kentucky’s trials.  Currently NWG is offering licensing for NWG ELITETM.


– is a dioecious seed bred for grain that flowers ~58 days after planting. Plant height varies little, ranging from 170-190cm, ideal for wheat or corn harvest tools.
– is genetically stable in multiple agronomic and chemotypic traits. It is the first US-bred hemp variety to pass a Dept of Ag THC trial: Across each region, NWG-ELITE™ showed stability in THC content, with a max of 0.2% (Legal limit is 0.3%)
– has performed in top 1-2 rankings in variety trials across the US
– is AOSCA certified.
– CO Seed Lab testing:   Purity: 99.9%   Germination: 94-98%    Weeds: none