Cannabinoid enhanced flower

The flower of a hemp plant contains a rich and diverse spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, one of which is cannabidiol [CBD]. We grow our high CBD, broad terpene spectrum hemp flower using only organic inputs and absolutely no pesticides, ensuring the purest possible flower for extractions. We also have other cannabinoid flower varieties in our development pipeline – coming in summer 2017. Contact New West Genetics to preorder enhanced cannabinoid flower for the 2017 season. Orders must be placed by April 2017.


Cannabis and hops are both from the same family, making hemp a great addition to a nice cold beer. Based on its innovative patented breeding technologies, New West Genetics has developed proprietary, custom bred hemp, which is specially formulated, ground (and pelletized if desired) for the flavoring and coloring of beer, wine, distilled beverages and/or soft drinks.  We work with each craft beverage maker to create the proper formulation to suit their customers’ palates.  Contact New West Genetics to take your beverage to the next level!